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Dangerous Gymnastics Forms That Can Take The

Performer To The Brink Of Death!

Unless you are a gymnast or you regularly watch gymnastics on television, you will never understand how these moves work. Skilled gymnasts make it very professional that even a commoner would want to give it a try. The below list gymnastic moves are extremely dangerous and can kill the performer in a split second.

Dangerous Gymnastics Forms

Thomas Salto:

A part of artistic gymnastics which includes a one and a half salto backward or piked position with one and a half twists or a one and a half salto backward in the straight position with one and a half twists. This is extremely dangerous for women to perform and was banned for women following a series of accidents. It was named after the American gymnast Kurt Thomas.


It is an artistic gymnastics and was named after Yelena Produnova, who blew it successfully in the year 1999. The vault could be a very dangerous encounter and was called the vault of death. Produnova starts with an athletic sprint, a catapult into the air then perform two somersaults mid-air before safely placing the feet on land. So far only five gymnasts have put it off well which includes Dipa Karmakar who nailed it in the Rio Olympics, 2016.


Here the gymnast uses uneven bars, a clear hip circle on the low bar with flight backward to the high bar. This complex transition skill was invented by Natalia Shaposhnikova, and it was named after her in the code of points. Since then this risky act is performed by various other Olympians adding little tricky variations to it.

The Korbut Flip:

The performer stands on uneven bars, performs a backflip and once again grasps the bar. Scary, isn’t it? It was first staged in the 1972 Olympics by Olga Korbut from Belarus, and it was her debut. The move was so dangerous and difficult that is now banned and cannot be performed on the international platform.

Forgetting Simone Biles in a content that speaks about gymnastics is a sin. So here are two of the toughest moves in gymnastics that made her the best in her field.

The Amanar Vault:

It consists of a back handspring vaulting onto the table, then two and a half twists in the air and a blind landing. It was named after Simona Amanar. Though Simone wasn’t the first person to accomplish the act successfully, it is believed that Simone Biles went a few feet higher when she performed the mid-air twist when compared to other who performed the same stunt

Balance beam dismount:

The move starts with a double back handspring, then a full rotation somersault and a second flawless somersault before landing. So what is special about Simone performing it is that, while others did the same on the floor she did it on the beam, making the best gymnast ever.