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Whether you’re from a small town that doesn’t have its own headshop or you just prefer the benefits of buying online, an online headshop may be just the ticket for you. With more and more new online headshops popping up every day, how can you be sure to find the best one for you? To answer that, it’s important to the traits of a good online headshop. We highly suggest visiting Sky High Smoke Shop if your looking for a trust worthy online head shop which offers great prices as well as fast shipping.

Customer service

Customer Service

The number one thing to look for in an online headshop is customer service. Look for moneyback guarantees, customer reviews, and methods of contacting the website (online, phone, etc.). This way, should any problems arise, you can actually get them resolved. People often overlook customer service, but this is one major way to tell if an online headshop is legit or not. They should also be able to respond and answer any questions you may have too.


Headshop inventory

If you’re looking for a very specific item, maybe only one online headshop has it, and that’s your only option. But this usually isn’t the case.

Smokers tend to have their preferences. So, obviously, you want to choose an online headshop that can cater to your needs. For instance, if you need a waterpipe, obviously you go with an online headshop that carries a variety of quality waterpipes.

A good online headshop tends to have a large inventory. This means if you have a general idea about what you’re looking for, but you’re not 100% sure about what exact thing you want, you can browse, read reviews, and eventually come to an informed decision.


Good online headshops will have some information for new smokers or smokers who aren’t accustomed to buying products online. If they value their customers, they won’t let them fly blind. Plus, being informative lends an online headshop a personable vibe and also means there’s more likely to be conscious humans behind the endeavor—which is obviously important, because human accountability is always important when online shopping for anything.


For the discerning smoker, it’s not enough to know whether you prefer waterpipes or bubblers. It’s important to understand where the product you’re considering comes from and what it’s made out of. While there’s a lot of info out there about how smoking isn’t great for you, it’s vital to remember that smoking with subpar equipment is even worse. For instance, you want to make sure that your beakers are made of high-quality unadulterated glass that won’t break. Or your pipes are made from a grade of glass that can take the heat. Or that your grinders aren’t made with lead or other harmful metals. A good online headshop will have plenty of product details to enable you to make better choices about the products you ultimately end up buying. This is a mark of quality.


Like product details, reviews are important too. People who don’t like a certain product are going to let the world know about it. And reading reviews can help you, as a consumer, make the best decision about which online head shop to go for. Even the best online headshops won’t have 100% positive reviews. That would just be impossible. But what you want to look for is consistent general positivity in the reviews, such as the product was what it was supposed to be, it was well-packaged, no damage, etc. Consistency and good service are definitely signs of a good online headshop.


A good online headshop will be successful enough to offer items on sale. Obviously, every item won’t be on sale—that’d be silly. But like any online retail outlet, there should be quality items on sale so that way can be made for new inventory.

Additionally, the best online headshops will run sales similar to what online clothing retailers will have. There may be coupons or discount codes you can use to get the best deal, or there maybe things like free shipping promos. Online headshops that can afford to do this are likely successful with a lot of customers—another sign of a good headshop.


There a lot of things that separate a good online headshop from a fly-by-night operation. When you learn to read between the lines, you can easily find the best online headshop for your needs. Always remember that, at the end of the day, you’re a customer whose opinions and patronage mean something. A good headshop will recognize that and value your business as much as any brick and mortar store.