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Gymnastics And Its Types

The word gymnastics bring to mind an image of a pretty woman in a singlet performing tasks that are jaw-dropping. But gymnastics aren’t just that. Gymnastics is a sport that requires a lot of flexibility, balance, agility, control, endurance and a lot of hard work to stand out of the crew. It also depends on how alert and swift the performer is. A small slip in the act can lead to serious irreversible consequences and might sometimes even kill a person.

Gymnastics And Its Types

However, gymnastics need not only mean the dangerous death vaults performed by the gymnasts in Olympics. There are simple ones too that require minimum practice and are learned for health reasons.  Most forms of gymnastics are governed by FIG which stands for Federation Internationale de Gynnastique. However, countries have their respective governing council. Like most other art forms, the concept of gymnastics was developed for men who prepared for warfare developed in ancient Greece and takes the name for the Greek word ‘Gymnastikos’ meaning fond of or skilled in bodily exercise.

Types of Gymnastics: There are three major types of Gymnastics:

  • Artistic Gymnastics
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • Aerobic gymnastics

Artistic gymnastics:

Artistic Gymnastics is the largely practiced and performed form of gymnastics so far. It is divided based on gender. While women have four types, men have six different types to perform in it. Women compete on vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise. Men compete on events like floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault parallel bars and high.Fearing risky consequences women aren’t allowed to perform certain stunts that men perform on the global platform.

Rhythmic gymnastics:

It is a sport, which can be performed by an individual or group of five or more. It involves the use of properties like rope, ball, hoop, clubs, ribbons or freehand. At times rhythmic gymnastics are performed along with dance forms like ballet. There are also performances that employ more than two apparatus. However, the number of apparatus is a matter of the performer’s choice. There is no fixed rule.

Aerobic gymnastics:

Aerobic gymnastics are also known as ‘sport aerobics’ which involves moves with high intensity. It involves patterns and elements of varying levels of difficulty performed according to the music. The moves are repetitive and sequential, performed entirely with a piece of music. The aerobics are usually performed on the floor where a routine can last from 60 to 90 seconds. However, the aerobic pattern of gymnastics isn’t a part of the Olympic Games.